Thursday, February 11, 2010

Presidian Dvd Can Anyone Get The Code I Need For My New Universal Remote?

Can anyone get the code I need for my new universal remote? - presidian dvd

I bought a new universal remote control for my VCR / DVD. The mark of my VCR / DVD Presidio. Does not appear, it is a worksheet codes for all brands and codes that have to work for them, but the presidency brand in the newspaper. Does anybody know where I can get the code, even if it is not?


mguardia... said...

Look for a search code in the instructions. It will take some time, but you will find a code that works. It may be necessary for the program in 2 devices such as DVD players and recorders.

splash said...

Chaired 0675 1072 1738 1593 (made by Radio Shack)

RadioShack Customer Service Speakers: 800-843-7422 to the living person:
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E-mail: RadioShack.Customer.Care @

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